Black or white golf shoes: a golfer’s dilemma

Black or white golf shoes? Golf, a game revered for its precision and elegance, extends its influence beyond just clubs and greens. Even the choice of golf shoes becomes a pivotal decision for golfers aiming to marry style with functionality. Among the myriad options available, the debate often centers around the classic dichotomy: black or white golf shoes.

This article dives into the world of golf footwear, exploring the nuances of white and black golf shoes to assist golf enthusiasts in making a decision that suits both their fashion sensibilities and performance needs.

The golf course is not merely a canvas for skillful swings.

It is also a runway where golfers showcase their individuality through their attire.

black or white golf shoes
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White golf shoes: benefits and considerations

When it comes to choosing golf shoes, most golfers get enchanted with the allure of pristine white footwear and keep their golf shoes white (both spiked and spikeless golf shoes.)

Let’s delve into the pros and cons of donning these iconic shoes on the golf course.


#1. Timeless elegance: white shoes epitomize timeless elegance on the green.

They harken back to the classic era of golf, where style was as crucial as skill.

Don’t forget to wear golf socks in the same color and wear pants matching in style and tone.

#2. Versatility in apparel: white is a neutral color, making it incredibly versatile when it comes to pairing with golf apparel.

Wear the golf shoes in white, and you can complement a wide range of outfits while staying stylish.

#3. Cooler in the sun: in the scorching heat of a sunny day on the golf course, white footwear has a practical advantage.

It tends to absorb less heat compared to darker colors, keeping your feet cooler.

Keep that in mind when choosing what color golf shoes to go for.


#1. Maintenance challenges: while white footwear exudes sophistication, it is not immune to the challenge of keeping it immaculate.

The golf course can be unforgiving, and maintaining the pristine look of a white golf shoe requires consistent cleaning and care.

#2. Susceptible to stains: a walk on the golf course means encountering various terrains, including grass, mud, and, potentially, water hazards.

White footwear is more susceptible to visible stains.

#3. Seasonal considerations: white may be the color of choice during sunny days, but it might not be as practical during wet or muddy conditions.

Waterproof golf shoes are strictly advisable in such cases.

Black golf shoes: benefits and considerations

To wear black golf shoes means to project sophistication and versatility. Their sleek appearance and understated charm have made them a favorite among golfers seeking a timeless yet modern look.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of opting for the classic allure of wearing black golf shoes on the course.


#1. Style versatility: black shoes seamlessly blend with a wide range of golf attire, offering a versatile option for golfers who appreciate simplicity and sophistication.

You may wear black socks with them depending on the chosen ensemble.

Whether you wear black pants or opt for a more modern look, wearing shorts or black shoes, adds a touch of refinement to your ensemble.

#2. Stain concealment: one of the practical advantages of black footwear is its ability to conceal stains effectively.

The golf course can present challenges, from muddy fairways to dew-covered grass. Black shoes are less likely to show signs of wear and tea.

#3. Modern aesthetic: black, with its timeless appeal, also carries a modern edge. If you wear black shoes, you project a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, making them an ideal choice for golfers who want to balance tradition with a hint of the contemporary.

#4. Low maintenance: unlike their white counterparts, black golf shoes are generally lower maintenance.


#1. Heat absorption: on sunny days, black shoes (and black socks) can absorb more heat than lighter colors, potentially leading to warmer feet during a round of golf.

#2. Less traditional: while black golf shoes exude sophistication, some golf purists may argue that they lack the traditional charm associated with classic white footwear.

#3. Limited color pairing: while black is versatile in terms of apparel, it might not offer the same level of flexibility as white shoes.

Coordinating black shoes with certain bold or unconventional outfit choices may require more careful consideration.

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How to choose?

As you stand at the crossroads of this sartorial choice, consider the following factors to guide you through the labyrinth of selecting the perfect golf shoe.

1. Aesthetic preference

To wear white shoes means to evoke a classic elegance, while with black golf shoe sophistication with a modern twist is what you project.

2. Practicality and maintenance

White footwear demands meticulous care to retain its pristine appearance while black shoes offer a lower-maintenance option.

3. Versatility in apparel

White shoes (with white socks), being neutral, pair well with a variety of colors and styles.

Black shoes (with black socks), while versatile, may require more careful pairing consideration.

4. Traditional or contemporary vibes

White golf shoes carry a sense of tradition and a connection to golf’s historic roots.

Conversely, black shoes offer a modern aesthetic while maintaining a level of sophistication.

5. Climate considerations

Black shoes tend to absorb more heat, potentially leading to warmer feet on sunny days.

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Final thoughts

When choosing what color golf shoes to opt for, remember that this decision: black or white golf shoes is a personal one.

Each color carries its unique charm, and the perfect choice is the one that resonates with your style, enhances your confidence on the course, and makes every golf swing a statement of your golfing identity.

Whether you opt for the classic allure of white or the sleek sophistication of black, your chosen footwear should be a reflection of your passion for the game.


Are golf shoes supposed to be white?

No, golf shoes are not exclusively supposed to be white. Golf shoes come in various colors, including white, black, or brown golf shoes.

What color golf shoes to wear is for the player to decide.

Do black golf shoes get hot?

Yes, a black golf shoe can absorb more heat compared to lighter colors, potentially leading to warmer feet, especially on sunny days. Brown golf shoes don’t have such absorbent qualities, and the best choice in this regard will be to go for the white color.

Do white golf shoes get dirty?

Yes, if you wear white socks and shoes, they’re more prone to visible stains and dirt. Maintaining their pristine appearance may require regular cleaning.

You may opt for black or brown golf shoes to avoid that.

How do you wear white golf shoes?

Wear footwear in white color with white golf socks and neutral-colored golf attire to create a classic look.

Most golfers wear them with traditional golf pants or shorts for a timeless appearance on the course.

Are saddle golf shoes stylish?

Yes, saddle golf shoes (a.k.a. multicolored) can look sophisticated and elegant. Opt for saddle shoes in black and white to achieve that.

Such a model of saddle shoes exudes impeccable style.

Can I wear a brown golf shoe?

Absolutely. Brown shoes are less demanding in terms of mixing and matching and create a refined look.

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