The professional guide about how should volleyball shoes fit

The information presented in this article aims to familiarize athletes, coaches, and ordinary sports lovers with how should volleyball shoes fit, their practicality, and characteristics such as durability, sole, cushioning, and others.

The main starting point: how should volleyball shoes fit?

European, Japanese, and other shoes are popular in America, but they have some differences in sizes (inch, cm), although their sneakers have the parallel standards adopted in the USA.

But the discrepancies do not end there. The nuances are visible when different or the same products are produced in foreign countries. For example, different brands (or the same brands) manufactured in India, China, and Korea may differ slightly from each other within the same size range. Therefore, a simple measuring tape may help with this business.

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People started playing volleyball at the end of the last century. Volleyball shoes for this game were first produced in the United States since it was in this country that this game appeared.

Volleyball shoes fit properly: if they do not squeeze the foot and are worn without dangling.

One of the most popular American sneakers today is the Nike volleyball shoes, although the first perfect pair brand’s model was athletic shoes for marathons. 

The most common signs by which they select a personal pair for themselves

Individual selection of shoes is not an easy matter, especially one in which a person is engaged in sports our case that is a volleyball pair of shoes.

It’s no secret that new shoes can be made to order, of course, but this won’t be cheap. But without a doubt, these shoes will provide maximum comfort and excellent traction.

You can also order special insoles. They will give lateral stability and shoe fits.

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But the task of this guide is to give the most general recommendations that will be universal and suitable for any option. For example, you can choose shoes ​on the marketplace and improve them afterward. 

The quality of good volleyball shoes

The quality of amazing volleyball shoes depends on the following:

  1. When choosing volleyball shoes, first of all, focus on the difference between the length of the foot and the space of the shoe in length. This gap should be from 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Moreover, this is compensated by the thickness of the sock being worn.
  2. The fixation of the heel should be normal, it should not hang out. But if the wiggle room is not well, you can get ankle injuries.
  3. Pay attention to the adequate ankle support. To do this, you will need a good arch support. Because without this detail, there can be no good support. The lack of good cushioning can lead to flat feet. If your pair of volleyball shoes does not have good support for the arch of the foot, you will have to get additional support.
  4. Quick movements, foot moves, or both of them should not cause any discomfort.

The functional design of volleyball shoe

Despite the similarity of various types of sneakers, such as basketball shoes, indoor soccer shoes, running shoes, and some other athletic shoes, suitable for game-play volleyball, right volleyball shoes, have their functional design features.

You can learn about the fundamental technical and design differences from other reviews, but this article examines the question: of how should volleyball shoes fit according to their main characteristics created for this particular sport.

Playing volleyball is unreal if not shed light on related questions about a good pair of volleyball shoes.


First of all, the overall performance of volleyball players will not come out without good traction on the volleyball court. The rubber sole should not slip but this must allow you to maintain balance in any situation.

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To prevent slipping in play volleyball the players also need a real fixation ankle support and arch support. 


Volleyball shoes are usually worn special, the regular shoes are rarely worn but there are cases when they typically wear like a shoe for sports can be a good fit for the game.

Rubber Sport Flooring for outdoor and indoor courts provides the possibility wearing of a shoe with not too hard and grippy. But this does not exempt from wearing supinators.

The presence of a support in itself is important as a fact an indispensable part of the shoe. But it is also a system element.

The trinity of foot lift, ankle support, and lacing (or latches, Velcro, elastic bands) is practically half the perfect fit for your shoes.

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Foot shape

A human’s foot shape can have high arches, middles, or lows. Some doctors say that due to the lack of supinators, flat feet appear. But the foot type itself is not the reason.

Volleyball shoes produced have under the structure of the feet is three types:

  • shoe with the wider forefoot toe box (Roman);
  • with the longest big toe, at a 45-degree angle to others (Egyptian);
  • if the foot has a second finger longer than the others the toe box must be suitable (Greek).

The thumb’s width, finger width, a narrow feet are also classified but included in common type statistics.


Volleyball shoes are a constant wear. So if you don’t want to replace volleyball shoes often, have to care about shoes with cushioned midsole.

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Multiple pairs of shoes with different levels of cushioning may help for court with various coatings.

Avoid wearing shoes in unsuitable conditions. And vice versa, avoid shoes unsuitable for a specific coating.


The definitive answer about how volleyball shoes should fit is to display the level of comfort received during the game, and the nuances and details of the functional part are acquired with experience.


How do you know if volleyball shoes are good?

It is mandatory to break in the volleyball shoe. It’s to make you more comfortable and prevent injuries. Remember to wear your volleyball shoes regularly. This will take about 1-2 weeks of constant use.

Do you have to break in volleyball shoes?

This is not necessary if the volleyball shoes fit perfectly. But if everything is not smooth, and there are feelings of discomfort, this must be done, and even more so, in order, to injury prevention.
Usually, a new pair of volleyball sneakers is broken in, but there are times when worn-out sneakers become deformed, for example, after washing. Then they will need some correction.

Are high-top volleyball shoes better?

High-top volleyball shoes are created for a few reasons:
to provision a good ankle support;
to safety ankles from stepping on them.
The high-top volleyball sneakers have advantages, but they still have a minus. Because of their shape, they restrict movement, which limits the player’s freedom of action on the sports field.
But a low-top shoe does not cover the ankle, and that makes an advantage. And yet, volleyball players sometimes use an ankle brace during a game or workout in this shoe.
By the way, for additional protection or in injuries these fixators apply to wearing with high-top volleyball shoes.

Do Nike volleyball shoes run true to size?

Many volleyball players claim that Nike volleyball shoes are small. It is impossible to assert this 100%. Since the connection between the country of origin with the goods itself isn’t complete.
There are several important reasons, namely:
a certain set of model’s Nike volleyball shoes and the material from which the sneakers are made;
the athletes themselves have different genetic characteristics.
The second reason is more significant. Because the volleyball shoe material can be picked up. Natural materials such as leather, suede, and natural textiles react to stretching better than artificial options. 
However, the problem with the feet and blood vessels is more serious and requires medical treatment.
If the volleyball shoes fit snugly, the

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